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Simply put, a Merchant Cash Advance allows your business to repay the advance of capital with a small fixed percentage of your credit card sales until the advance is paid back in full. Mammoth Mutual offers a merchant cash advance loan for businesses that accept credit cards as a form of payment. It is one of our most successful and popular programs, and you don’t need to change your current merchant processor to enjoy the benefits.

What makes our merchant cash advance loans so successful and popular is our repayment structure. It adjusts to the highs and lows that your business may experience throughout the repayment period allowing you to better manage your cash flow. It allows you to budget more effectively in order to ensure that the business will grow and can easily take care of its debt service obligation. When you have a very good day, the increased sales will help your business payback more on the advance of capital; when you have a slower day the decreased sales will help payback less on your advance.

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Either way, you're in good standing! With our merchant cash advance program there is no set term on the length of your payback since it is determined on business performance. You will never default as long as you continue to process credit cards each day no matter what your volume happens to be.

​Another advantage to taking a cash advance against your future credit card sales is it's a popular alternative to traditional bank loans. The lengthy banking approval process and mountain of paperwork that you need to submit can be frustrating, time consuming, and detrimental to your business' growth. With Mammoth Mutual you will get the money you need, with minimal paperwork to grow your business in as little as one day once approved. ​

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